Moving Day

Moving day has finally arrived. Everything happened so quickly from the job offer, to quitting my job, to packing up that moving day came upon us fast. This is the first day that I have truly felt like we are moving to Germany. Since we accepted the position, I have been so consumed with finishing things off at work, getting paperwork filled out, getting rid of our belongings and compiling to-do lists and packing lists that I have not taken the time to actually sit down and think. We are moving to Germany. This is happening!


With this move, we had movers hired to box everything up and move it into the moving truck. This is a first for me. Moving usually entails us sweating like crazy, getting cranky and having a meltdown by the end of the day with only half the house packed. This time it was AMAZING. Three guys showed up on Tuesday morning and with lightening speed they had everything wrapped up and boxed. Everything divided and labeled by room (we’ll see how that actually works out on the other side). The only thing we had to do before hand was pack up what was going on the flight with us and set aside what was going on the air shipment. They did the rest. Though I must admit we were scrambling around Tuesday morning as we realized last minute things that needed to go in different shipments.


The movers were here for 4 hours on Tuesday and 4 hours on Wednesday. Boom done! They brought the gigantic freight container for shipping on a truck. We filled up less than 1/3 of the container! I guess our downsizing plan worked out! Hopefully we’ll see it all on the other side. We’ll keep you posted!