Olden & Stavanger

Just as I did with Geiranger, I made sure to set the alarm, got up early, and headed to the top deck to watch the ship cruise through the fjord and into Olden. Unlike Geiranger, I was greeted with an almost completely empty deck. It had rained early that morning and I think everyone voted to stay in bed after having an early morning the day before. They had no idea what they were missing.






Olden is what I imagined Norway to be like. Mountains, mist, green grass, red barns and of course waterfalls.



The final view at port.


Unfortunately, the rain from early that morning was just a prelude for the day to come. It rained most of the morning and even teased us all with a little bit of snow. There was one break in the weather and we headed off the boat to see Olden. We did the tourist train. The kids fell asleep immediately and slept for the entire trip. We were afraid to move in case we waked them, so we have zero pictures of our little jaunt around. I promise it was beautiful. We headed back to the boat to warm up and got back just in time to join Spider Man’s Web Warriors.


An ice cream run and we called it a day.


The next day was our final stop of Stavanger.

Stavanger is an adorable town. You dock right in the middle of town and everything is walk-able. We headed over to the Norsk Oljmuseum (Norway Oil Museum). Now you might think an oil museum doesn’t sound very kid friendly but this museum was very hands on and even had a play area.




You could climb up into that helicopter and make the blades spin. There was also an escape shoot you could try out to see what it is like to get out of an oil platform quick. A small, but super fun, museum.


Just outside the museum is the Geopark. It is a park made out entirely of recycled materials used in the oil industry. I have mixed feelings about this park but the kids seemed to love it.



E jumped on that trampoline for like 20 minutes and O loved bouncing on the buoy balls and balancing on different objects. But yeah….glad I brought hand sanitizer.

Stavanger also was home to lots of great quirky shops and cafes. Overall I would love to come back to Stavanger on its own and do a more thorough exploration of the area.

Norway is such a beautiful country with so much to see and do. Already thinking about another trip!

Geiranger, Norway

Geirangerfjord is something out of a dream. It is steep cliffs and mountains that dive straight down to the water. There are waterfalls everywhere you turn and there is this amazing stillness that is only disturbed by the water falling off the cliffs and into the fjord. Just look at it.




The most interesting thing about the slow cruise through the fjord was just how quiet it really was. The boat was moving very slowly, almost coasting, barely making a ripple in the water. There was over a hundred people on the top deck taking in the views but everyone was silent. The view had taken their breath away. You could only hear the rush of the waterfalls and an occasional “Wow”.




To imagine how close we are to the side of the fjord, here is a picture of the boat with the cliffs in the back.


Geiranger itself is a very small town at the end of the fjord. We decided to head up to the Norwegian Fjord Center to spend our day. The walk up to the Fjord center is a very unique experience. It is 327 steps up the side of a hill with a raging waterfall roaring next to the stairs.







The Center at the top is a nice little stop. It walks you through the history of the fjords and the people who lived here. There is a lovely children’s area and of course they serve waffles!


It also has some great views.


We were so lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day. The cruise out of Geiranger that evening was just as beautiful.





After walking all 327 steps (both up and down) we ended up having a tired and cranky Viking by the end of the day. Ha!


Oh the joys of traveling with littles!