Breckenridge Troll

Ok I know we are all excited to go visit Isak. Who’s Isak? You don’t know Isak Heartstone?? I bet you do actually, because that’s the official name of the very popular Breckenridge Troll. Now let me tell you how to find him.

You will find Isak at the end of the Trollstigen Trail. This trail starts at the parking lot of the Stephen C West Ice Arena. Not the most glamorous location to begin, but hey at least there is parking!

The trail is very short and flat. It is family friendly but it can get muddy at times so beware. There is a loop around so that people can come in, get their photos, and then get out without too much congestion. Again a very short trail and it won’t take much time at all to reach him. However, he is totally worth visiting.

After visiting Isak and getting your photo, you can check out the Illinois Gulch Trailhead, which is also located in this same area. If you are traveling with small kiddos, you can walk over to the other side of the ice arena where you will find the High Line Railroad Park. This is a cute train themed playground. There are also some historic trains and train cars with informational signposts parked here for your educational enjoyment. 

Tell Isak we say hi when you see him!

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