Skyline Drive

What exactly am I looking at here?

Those bumps…they are…dinosaur tracks!!

A lot of dinosaur tracks!

According to the info board, these are the tracks of multiple different dinosaur types that walked across an ancient river delta. We are viewing the prints from below. Once you see the outlines you can’t unsee it. 

How do you find these tracks? Well these beauts are found on Skyline Drive on the outskirts of Cañon City, Colorado.

Skyline Drive is a stunning paved road that goes along the top of a ridge line. You must leave the town of Cañon City to start the drive (as it is one way) but you will finish in town. The road is very narrow but there are pull offs with stunning views.

The dinosaur tracks are located toward the beginning of the road and there is information boards posted at the pull off as your clue as where to stop. At the end of the drive you will come across the parking area for Hogback Open Space. There is a well maintained trail system here and there are more information boards along the trails about the different fossils and footprints. This is also worth a stop.

Skyline Drive is a quick but unique drive that can’t be missed when visiting Cañon City. It is accessible by all car types. Just remember to take it slow and enjoy the views!

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